What we do

iCommercialize combines the art and science of marketing to build differentiated brands, competitive value propositions and customer experiences worth talking about.  

We leave our clients better off and able to sustain the progress we've made.  Matters we can help you with include:

Product Strategy: If you are rolling out a new product or revamping an existing one for B2C or B2B audiences, do you know which features and benefits matter most? What are the profit drivers and the distribution strategies? What positioning should you lead with, what are your sources of credibility?  We’ll uncover the insights you need to heed, design the optimal blueprint from which to launch, and devise the metrics to manage against. 

Digital ROI:  You invest in “digital”, but are you objectively assessing your effectiveness? Can your sites be found? Is your hygiene all it needs to be? Are the right people coming, is their experience positive? Our Digital Audit will tell you, in tremendous detail across over 100 criteria, whether visitors are getting what they need from you and whether you are getting enough from your digital properties.  Clients also benefit from the top ten "no-regret" moves to make immediately as well as a detailed prescription for what to do next.  

Strategic Brand Positioning:  What is your company’s “why to buy,” what will win the business for your firm over the competition?  Strategic positioning, the way we do it, separates the wheat from the chaff – you will learn which features are merely “table stakes,” and which ones drive purchase.  We will procure customer insights to differentiate your brand and devise a complete execution plan – what to start, stop and continue doing. 

Frictionless Customer Experience Framework:  Retention is the new acquisition, but have you invested enough in your customer experience? The iCommercialize approach means listening to your customers, measuring their loyalty, attacking the problems getting in their way (and yours) and measuring financial benefits as you make changes.  The framework and execution includes the proverbial “quick hits” - those nuggets of gold to mine the fastest - plus longer-term, high-value experience redesigns. 

Acquisition Ecosystem:  Are your acquisition activities building your brand or bleeding it?  Is your lead generation getting less efficient and its budget squeezing other forms of marketing?  Taking a qualitative and quantitative approach, iCommercialize will work with marketers and finance to segment high value prospects to determine the right acquisition costs and best methods to grow your customer base. 

Marketing Operating Model:  How can a marketing function best support your strategy and ambitions? iCommercialize will help you identify the marketing competencies and talent your company needs, design and implement an organizational structure and coordinate how marketing works with other departments to ensure that the face you present to the external world is all it should be. 

Plain, Old-fashioned Promotion: iCommercialize will get your product, idea, program or your limited-time offer communicated in market in the most cost-effective and impactful way possible.  We will create a plan to reach your prospects or customers, choosing the channels and calls-to-action that make the most sense and execute flawlessly.  We will also create communications assets that you can keep using long after we leave.   

Product/Channel Line-Up: It should be clear to your customers (and to your sales force) which products fit their needs best.  iCommercialize will help you rationalize your product line and determine whether to drop, combine or enhance products.  Then they will be properly positioned and messaged to the target audience, and there will be internal alignment to ensure success.  We know from experience that, over time, companies tend to add to their menu without retiring products or making sure that what they offer all hangs together.