HOw We work

iCommercialize combines the art and science of marketing and applies it to your unique business and industry context.  

When you engage with us, we diplomatically slot into your organization and expediently solve your problem. 

We promise to:

Give you the facts.  We will not simply repackage your ideas, instead we scour the market for customer feedback and tease out the customer insights you need to execute.

Be practical.  Budget, people and technology constraints guide the optimal solutions we propose and execute.

Be flexible and jargon-free.  We practice marketing science with tried-and-true processes and approaches, but that doesn’t make us rigid or require you to learn "consulting-speak."

Do the work, not delegate it.  Beth’s hands are on every project.  That’s what she likes to do and she does it well. 

Open the “rolodex.”  Should you need additional resources, you will have access to Beth’s network of “A” players, from agencies and larger suppliers to nimble and talented professionals who operate "lean and mean."  

Help you sell internally.  Because she's operated in complex organizations, and been an Executive Committee member as well as a Director, Beth understands how to sell ideas throughout the company and even get them “board-ready.”

Leave you better off.  You will be able to readily define our contribution and sustain the changes we helped you make.