The digital and customer experience revolution has business leaders wondering if they are doing enough to keep up.  “A company’s current marketing resources may be well suited to handle everyday marketing, but everyday marketing seems to be changing every day,” says Beth Hirschhorn.  As a result, companies must procure and apply an ever-widening range of technical marketing skills to their business and in their industry context.  "What's more, in today’s matrixed work environment, the success of a marketing program depends as much on organizational readiness as it does on consumer acceptance and competitive differentiation.”  The most effective companies unleash marketing cross-functionally: integrated with strategic planning, coordinated with technology, operations, sales, and service and supported by human resources and finance. 


Having held the senior-most marketing positions in Fortune 50 global companies, Beth “wrote the book” on service economy marketing and new product development and also teaches these principles to MBA candidates at the country's top business schools.  With more being asked of marketers from organizations of all sizes and industries, rising consumer expectations and increasing organizational complexity, now is the time to tap into the marketing science of iCommercialize.  Our proven processes and approaches provide the structure; our high-touch application ensures solutions that are bespoke. 


Are you putting customer relationships at risk, are you exposed competitively, are you leaving money on the table?

  • Are you certain the new product or service you’re slated to launch will live up to customer expectations? 
  • Can employees and customers alike quickly describe why your company is better than the competition?  Or is your brand featuring “cost of entry” benefits instead? 
  • Is your performance marketing operating more efficiently over time - consistently decreasing acquisition costs while increasing your brand equity? 
  • Have you integrated offerings from mergers and acquisitions seamlessly? Do your sales and customer service representatives understand and effectively sell your portfolio? 
  • Is your organization adequately using digital and mobile technology to generate revenue, reduce costs and build your brand? Can you say what your content marketing strategy is?
  • Can you quantify your organization’s degree of customer-focus? Do you have loyal customers that advocate for your brand? Can you name your customers’ top pain points?
  • Is your sales force working harmoniously with marketing and product management or are they out of sync? What about operations, technology and product development – do you know when and where they fit into market-facing programs?
  • Are you expanding the audiences to whom your product is relevant without alienating your core customer?  Are you expanding the products you offer to your core customers without risking their current business with you? 
  • Do you have programs in place to raise your company’s profile and burnish its reputation in the marketplace? 
  • Can you say without a doubt that you’ve got the right marketing resources stacked against the prioritized marketing challenges?

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